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Thanks to Mark Wood for this cartoon.

While writing Grumpy Old Menopause I met some amazing people who kindly shared advice and stories with me. There wasn’t enough room to write down everything I learned so I shall be adding some of the information and helpful hints I received here on this website.  I hope this will work hand in hand with the book to give you all sound advice and a laugh.

Going through the menopause can be a daunting time. You are not alone and trust me when I say laughter and exercise will help you through it. There is much you can do to make it easier for yourself.

I came across people who prove that you can take charge of your body even when it plays up, and others who provide services and products that will also help.

The book begins at A and works through to Z so here, under the letter ‘A’, I am featuring Louise Percival who is an acupuncturist.

Acupuncture can indeed help hugely. If you are suffering from joint pains and muscle aches thanks to falling oestrogen levels or indeed many other menopausal symptoms then I would encourage you to at least try this treatment. It is not at all painful.

logoAcupuncture assists the body in healing itself. To discover more about the benefits and get professional assistance click on Louise Percival’s excellent website, saltairacupuncture. You will be able to download specific factsheets on how acupuncture may help a variety of problems. You can also contact Louise directly.

From a personal perspective, acupuncture helped me hugely as I went through the agonising pain of frozen shoulder and osteoarthritis.

Click HERE for Louise Percival’s website and more information.


I also met Jan Tucker who writes and copy edits for a health magazine. She edits all types of articles about the dangers of hormones (synthetic or “natural”) and is concerned that women will automatically go down the hormone replacement route. She believes that acupuncture and Ayurveda go a long way to helping women going through the menopause. I was so impressed with what I learned about her and what she can offer women going through the menopause that I wanted to bring her to your attention.

lotous_leftShe told me that “natural ways of helping one’s body heal or stay healthy really work. I have used both conventional medicine and natural methods for a wide variety of health issues over the years. And I also believe in going green with the products I use in my home and personal life ( to avoid harmful chemicals), which is why I started my company (http://www.whitelotusliving.com).

I found there is a great deal of information on the Internet about what chemicals to avoid and why, but I couldn’t find a single place to go to find truly green products. In fact, I couldn’t find truly green products. I used to say that 99% of the products that are marketed as green still contain harmful chemicals. Later, a study came out that said the same thing, and the number is 95% percent.

I started using natural healing methods to cure my bronchitis. I’ve had it since I was a child, at least once a year and sometimes twice. Nine years ago my new doctor’s PA turned me away on a Thursday afternoon right before a four-day weekend. I told him I knew from my symptoms that I was coming down with bronchitis, and that if I didn’t get an antibiotic to take over the weekend I would be very sick by the time I could see him again. The PA said, “You have to get sicker before we can give you a prescription.”

I knew that as I was getting older the bronchitis was hitting me harder, and I didn’t want to get worse–I wanted to prevent it! I had thought about trying acupuncture and this was the time to do it. I called the acupuncturist who had shown up at my networking group months before. She took me in right away as a new patient, looked at my tongue, took my temperature, did some acupunture (it didn’t hurt) and sent me home with a little bottle of herbs and a bunch of dried weed-like things to make a tea (she told me to boil it along with some ginger and the white part only of some green onions). She also said, “Get under the covers and wrap yourself up so you sweat.”

With these things, I got better faster than I ever had under medical care–and I’m talking more than 25 years worth of bouts with bronchitis! I was convinced. I have not had a problem with bronchitis since that day–I always nip it before it gets me and I am forever grateful!

I have also been helped by acupuncture with joint and back pain and the flu and finally, with menopause (including hot flashes and dry eye syndrome–my opthalmologist was amazed at my success with the dry eye. She asked me for a copy of the herbs I was taking. She had wanted to do surgery and insert a plug in my tear duct if nothing else worked). I visit the acupuncturist for all problems, and with acupuncture and their laser-remedy Chinese herbs, they are able to solve every problem. They help with far more than just pain.

In addition, I also have used Ayurvedic cures. Ayurveda is the lesser known Eastern Indian medicine. It works equally well and its first concern is with your digestion. If your digestion is working properly, many problems are eliminated. It’s so important for nutrition to reach every cell of your body.

I also carry Ayurvedic herbs for menopause.”

Jan has a truly wonderful website, a superb attitude towards looking after yourself, and an extremely helpful article that I highly recommend. Pop over and read it. You will learn a lot from it. Click HERE to read it. (It’s also called Grumpy Old Menopause.)

To find out more about Ayurvedic herbal remedies that can help you with various symptoms click HERE.