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Yes, it’s me, 15 years ago though.

Like it or not, exercise is fundamental during this phase of your life if you wish to get through it with the minimum of side effects.

You don’t need to suddenly take up the gym or begin jogging. Regular walking, yoga and stretching exercises will all assist you.

The endorphins created by exercising will make you feel better about life and help with many of the symptoms you might be experiencing.

Healthline.com website suggests these ten great ways to get physical during menopause. Click HERE for their website.


‘E’ can also be for the alarming electric shock sensation under the skin and in the head that some ladies experience. It is often described as “the feeling of a rubber band snapping in the layer of tissue between skin and muscle”. Other women say that they feel like a stream of electrical current is running through their body parts. Electric shocks range in severity from being a minor annoyance to interfering with critical daily functions, such as walking, and getting dressed. They are frequently a precursor to a hot flush.

Treatment ranges from eating the right foods to help with hormonal imbalance to exercise, but as with all symptoms, check with a doctor first before embarking on any DIY treatment.

I recently met a wonderful lady affectionately known as Grumpy Drawers who has started a blog entitled Penguin’s Waddle. Not only is it a terrific read, but she has experienced some of the many menopausal symptoms discussed here and in the book.

She has written about how she suffered electric shocks. Click HERE for her article Early Menopause and Electric Shocks which also contains helpful links.


Further information about the above along with advice about how to deal with emotions, benefits of evening primrose oil and finding a new use for Evian water can be found in Grumpy Old Menopause.