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When I began writing Grumpy Old Menopause I thought the worse symptom I could suffer would be hot flushes and insomnia. How wrong I was. Shortly after beginning the book, I got severe and I mean severe, problems with my shoulder. Several months of sharp stabbing pains, unbearable aching down my arm, an inability to raise my arm in any direction and much treatment followed.

I shan’t go into how much pain I was in or drone on about all the sleepless nights, but the upshot is if you experience any pain in your shoulder go and see a doctor to ascertain the problem.

Here’s are a couple of links which will tell you more about frozen shoulder. (This links to a forum about frozen shoulder at Patient.co.uk.)

There is a huge amount of advice on the internet and not all of it will be relevant to you. Each person is different and will require different treatment, so get expert advice before choosing a path that suits you. Some will respond better to acupuncture or exercise, others to stretches and some will need steroid injections or surgery.

The good news is that frozen shoulder will nearly always go. Unfortunately that can take a few years and you might need help before then.

I discovered this extremely good article in The Daily Mail which might also help to shed light on the situation. I was interested to note that women who may have experienced shoulder injury in their lives, prior to menopause, were more likely to get frozen shoulder. At the age of 8 I broke my collar bone. Maybe that is one of the reasons I have suffered more than most.

One final word of advice; if you use Biofreeze gel to help relieve the pain, keep it away from your toothpaste cabinet. I accidentally brushed my teeth with mine before a radio interview and it took two hours before my mouth defrosted!