Linda Parkinson-Hardman

I wanted to put this post here because I came across so many women who have had early onset of menopause thanks to having hysterectomies. I would like to direct all of you to Linda Parkinson-Hardman’s excellent website and her book which provides a wealth of information and a hugely supportive network.

Linda started The Hysterectomy Association back in 1996 after having a hysterectomy herself at the age of 32 to deal with the severe endometriosis she had suffered from since she was 16.

Linda has written seven books so far, three of them about hysterectomy; three about online business and social networking and a seventh which is her first Novel – Woman on the Edge of Reality – which just happens to have the same title as her blog.

Click HERE for her website.

I highly recommend this site to anyone who has gone through a hysterectomy or knows of someone who has gone through one.