Thanks to Mark Wood for this cartoon.

I always used to sleep well until this phase of my life. Those pesky hormones have jumbled my cycles all up and now sleep usually evades me. It’s a vicious cycle, of course. I get worked up that I can’t sleep and then I can’t sleep…and so on.

I hate suffering from insomnia. It makes me very grumpy indeed. On the plus side, it means I can stay up all night typing up my scripts and I have become extremely productive at night. On the downside, I behave like a zombie during the day and resemble a panda who has lost out in a boxing fight.

I’ve researched and tested every remedy for insomnia to no avail at all. The only thing that worked were knock out super-strength sleeping pills but I felt so groggy the following day that I couldn’t even get my slippers on. I decided tiredness from no sleep was slightly better and gave up on them.

My advice is, don’t fight it. Use the time you are awake to maybe read a book or do something that will keep you calm. Tossing and turning and being miserable about being awake will only make it worse. Let your body tell you when it is a little tired and grab a couple of hours sleep then. You’ll survive. After all, some of the greatest leaders in history only required a couple of hours sleep a night.

There’s lots of advice available on the internet or from professionals. Click on the link to see what the Sleep Foundation say about it.

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