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M is for men? What am I on about? Well, quite a few men have asked me what they should or could do to help their partners as they go through the menopause. I met one particularly nice man, Robert Johnson, who has a website, Mpathi written purely for men who want to know more about this subject and connect with other men in a similar situation to themselves.

Robert’s site aims to educate men so they can be sensitive and supportive to those women they care about. There is not much information (written by men) for men who are dealing with us menopausal women and this site promises to offer much. Robert writes from his own experience and is himself empathetic towards women going through this stage of their lives. As he points out: “Every male will have to interact the menopausal woman. They may be a sister or mother, friend, date, wife, co-worker or boss. Understanding what those women are going through, and how to navigate the complexities of menopause, will make life better for all involved.”

You can find Robert’s site by clicking on the link HERE.



Thanks to Mark Wood for this cartoon

One minute you are fine, the next minute you are in tears for no good reason. Worse still, you feel like shouting at someone for no apparent reason or for a minor offence such as leaving a dishwasher door open.

You are not alone. I have had some very embarrassing moments as have many of us.

There are some amusing suggestions of how best to deal with this in my book and some more sensible ones that I have tried out and I think work.

I was looking at the Estroven website as part of my research where they suggest that counting to ten might work. Yeah, right! I got as far as three before I began blubbing.

I think I’ll test out their product Estroven Mood & Memory “a safe and effective dietary supplement that provides relief from multiple menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes and night sweats, plus helps improve mood and support memory, so you can get back to feeling like yourself again*.” I hope I fair better with that.


Another thank you to Mark

Excuse me while I go and blow my nose now. I think Hubby has left the dishwasher door open again.

You can find out more about mood swings along with information and jokes about muscle tension, memory loss, moon gardens and martial arts among other topics in Grumpy Old Menopause.