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Tingling in the extremities, especially hands, feet or legs can be due to this time of your life and fluctuating hormones.

Tingling extremities, medically known as paresthesia, can occur at any time. In more mild cases, tingling extremities can come about after a certain body posture pinches a nerve or presses on an artery, causing a limb to temporarily “fall asleep”. In these cases, the tingling extremities usually return to normal after compression is relieved.

While tingling extremities are not usually cause for concern, these sensations can be a symptom of B-12 deficiency, diabetes, alterations in the flexibility of blood vessels, or a depletion of potassium or calcium. It can also be due to other medical conditions. It is advisable to ascertain why you are experiencing this discomfort so please consult a doctor if you are having problems.


Tinnitus is a ringing in the ears, the sound of bells, a ‘whooshing’ or a buzzing noise. There is evidence to suggest that it is linked not only to various medications but also to hormone fluctuations. It is one of the lesser known symptoms of menopause. For more information on this subject please click the link HERE to be sent to Amberen where you will find much more information on this subject.


Finally, how do you cope with the menopause when you have a teenage girl to deal with too? Well, show her this video. It’ll help her understand and make you smile: