There are some excellent websites that can offer you far more than I can here.

Join the community at the websiteMy Menopause Fix or on Facebook My Menopause Fix

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Another good site A. Vogel has an astonishing amount of information including a health checker and herbal products you may wish to purchase. Eileen Durward is the face and voice of A.Vogel Menopause Wellbeing website, blog, e-newsletter, helpline and live chat.

She has an extremely positive approach to menopause. It is her mission to educate women about the menopause and show them it’s not to be feared but with education and support it’s something to embrace.

Eileen also blogs about the menopause. Read her blog by clicking HERE.

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The Northern American Menopause Society offers a wealth of advice and is an easy site to navigate. It deals with almost every aspect of menopause and offers support, answers from experts, publications and newsletters. It is more of a database than blog or website, but very useful.

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Project Aware offers comprehensive information for women going through menopause, perimenopause and postmenopause.