I was  invited a few weeks ago, to try out a new product by Kora Healthcare called Regelle. I was so impressed by it that I wrote a review for them and would like to share it with you:

regelle“An Excellent Product.”  * * * * *

I’m one of those women who didn’t get much advice about the menopause from my mother and was brought up to “get on with it”. When I began to suffer from vaginal odour dryness and itching thanks to changes in my oestrogen levels, I tried off-the-shelf remedies that often left me feeling worse rather than better. In the end, I suffered in silence.

Regelle has changed all of that. After only one application, I felt so much better. The itching stopped immediately. I wish I’d used this product months ago. Not only is it simple to apply, it does not leave you feeling sticky, nor does it cause odours or stains. It lubricates the vagina lightly, leaving it feeling healthy and moist without being too wet.

The instructions are simple and the information leaflet extremely helpful. You need only apply the gel once every three days. It comes in a pre-filled applicator. I recommend you squeeze it thoroughly so the gel goes into the tip of the applicator to avoid wastage. After a couple of applications, I discovered that I could go five days without using it and after six applications, even longer than that before I experienced any discomfort. I assume that the product has helped shed skin cells and improve the quality of the skin beneath it.

I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any woman suffering from discomfort, dryness or itching thanks to the menopause. Regelle has allowed me to feel like a “normal” woman and even enjoy sex again.


If you would like to try a free sample or purchase the product then head over to the Kora Care Website by clicking HERE where you can read all about it and email for a sample.