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I was delighted to come across this wonderful article by Bianca London on beauty tips from a celebrity beauty guru.

My own expert has given me sound advice over the years and her tips: using blue or maroon mascara instead of brown or black, and using a brush to smooth on foundation among others, have helped me disguise the fact I am a hot, sweaty 50 plus-year-old.

This article covers the subject much better than I can, so click on the link to The Daily MailMake-up for the menopausal! Celebrity beauty guru reveals how to see off hot flushes and hormones in style

  • Make-up artist Lisa Eldridge is a favourite with Kate Winslet among others
  • Wants to help women going through the menopause with beauty advice
  • Lists her favourite products for tackling hot flushes and perspiration

From hot flushes to hormone-induced breakouts, the menopause can play havoc on your skin as well as your temper.

But although there’s an abundance of advice on what food to eat and which herbal remedies to take, little attention has been paid to looking good – until now.

Celebrity make-up artist Lisa Eldridge, who has worked with Cara Delevingne, Keira Knightley and Kate Winslet among others, has come to the rescue with a beauty tutorial that reveals how to hide those hot flushes – and look in tip-top shape at the same time.

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Lisa’s Top Tips

1. Invest in a really good magnifying mirror. No less than 10x -15x magnification. You can buy ones that attach easily to your bathroom mirror and smaller travel ones for your handbag.

2. If you are experiencing a lot of hot flushes, apply as little base make-up as you feel comfortable with. That way there will be less touching up and patching to do. Carry a stick foundation or compact concealer with you for selective touch ups.

3. If you are perspiring a lot, avoid too much powder as water and powder do not mix well.

4. If you are experiencing dry eyes, apply moisturising eye drops at least 10 minutes before starting your make-up.

5. Waterproof eye make-up products are technically light years ahead of where they were even a couple of years ago. It’s worth investing in the most up to date formulations for mascara and eye liner.

6. Keep a cold, clean chamois leather in the fridge to cool your face down. You can also keep a small version of something like this in your bag to absorb sweat without disturbing your make-up.