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20140628_162523_resizedA few weeks ago, I was in France. A French friend who has gone through the menopause recommended I try Sage Leaf Oil capsules or a herbal variety of sage to help combat night sweats which are beginning to be a problem for me.

This is not the first time sage leaf oil has cropped up on my radar and indeed there are well-documented studies that point to the benefits of taking this herb.

Here are some sites for you with information about the herb, to check out before deciding if you want to go the same route as me. My verdict in a moment …




Okay, onto the results. I took 3 capsules of 220 mg each containing 1.32 g of dried sage, every day for a month. I didn’t notice any discernible difference for two weeks but by week three I suddenly discovered I had gone an entire night without being drowned in sweat. After that, the sweats didn’t stop altogether but they lessened considerably. This is a good result, especially as it has been warm night times recently.menopause5

I shall continue to take them and report back in another month. At the moment, I am of the opinion they are well worth a try. As with all herbal medicines make sure you have done your research first.

There was another bonus that I am putting down to the capsules. My digestion has been much better!