As you know, I have done a huge amount of research on the subject of the menopause and have tried hard to help get the message across that there is help out there for ladies going through the change.

Over the last week the dreaded ‘M” word seems to really be in the limelight and I, for one, was gald to see some sound advice being offered. Caroline Martin of BBC Radio WM interviewed me on the 10th about my thoughts on the menopause and was astonished to have so many callers wanting to add their experiences or concerns to the chat. Lots of ladies want to learn more or share their worries. You can listen to the interview, caller’s experiences and the menopause section by clicking on the link HERE and fast forwarding to 01:03:00  The pod cast is only available for 26 days so tune in soon to hear it.

Today, I discovered the ultimate guide to surving the menopause in the newspaper – the Daily Mail – to be exact and I wanted to share it with you here. It has a lot of very useful information to help you with prepare for the menopause or help you through some of those tricky symptoms:

How to sail through the menopause: We’ve talked to experts and plumbed the latest research to produce the ULTIMATE guide to surviving the change 

In a major new series, the Daily Mail reveals everything you need to know
Top specialists will tell you about cutting edge treatments and latest thinking on hormone replacement, as well as the supplements which work
Today, it kicks off with the menopause diet – a way to minimise symptoms
PUBLISHED: 23:44, 13 March 2015 | UPDATED: 00:35, 14 March 2015

Survive the menopause: The Daily Mail’s major new series will give advice on everything from feeling sexy to the thorny issue of HRT
Some women sail through the menopause, but for others ‘the change’ can be extremely tough, physically and emotionally.
Today, the Daily Mail launches a major new series revealing everything you need to know to ensure your menopause is as smooth as possible.
We’ve done the research for you, working with top specialists to bring you cutting edge treatments and the latest thinking on hormone replacement, as well as the supplements that really work.
Today, we kick off with the menopause diet — a simple but highly effective way to minimise any symptoms.
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