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man-sweating-at-desk-freeAlthough this site focusses mainly on the female menopause, I often write about the male equivalent (Andropause). Yes, gents, this is recognised and although many men refuse to acknowledge that they go through such a stage, evidence proves otherwise.

After I wrote How Not to Murder Your Grumpy, I was interviewed by NBC on why men get grumpy as they age and by numerous radio stations on the subject of what men can experience as they get older. You can read some of my articles on the How Not to Murder Your Grumpy tab above, but today, I want to point you in the direction of a very useful article about the andorpause (or as it is mentioned in the following article the “male menopause”), and how a drop in testosterone can cause all sorts of symptoms including sex problems.

There will be a special guest post on my blog Facing 50 With Humour on the 25th March on this subject. In the meantime, here’s a section from the piece taken from the Daily Mail and a link to the full article.

If you have one or more of the following groups of symptoms, consider asking your GP for a blood test.
Sex problems — loss of libido; problems with erections even when taking Viagra
Testosterone is the main driver of sexual desire, which Viagra can’t help. ‘Drugs such as Viagra treat only a symptom — testosterone also improves the ability to orgasm and overall satisfaction,’ says Dr Geoffrey Hackett, professor of men’s health at Bedfordshire University.
Hot flushes and sweats; man boobs
As testosterone levels fall, the pituitary gland in the brain responds by trying to make the testicles produce more. ‘This comes at the cost of also making a lot more oestrogen,’ says Dr Richard Quinton, consultant endocrinologist at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne. That means man boobs and sometimes hot flushes.
Intense fatigue; muscle weakness
Testosterone is essential for maintaining muscle and bones as well as generating energy.
Loss of self-confidence, depression, lack of drive, lethargy; anger and anxiety
Testosterone plays a key role in men’s energy, mood, confidence and memory. ‘The impact of low testosterone is catastrophic,’ says campaigner Nick O’Hara Smith of the website androids.org.uk.
He speaks from experience, having had to wait weeks for testosterone treatment following double testicular cancer.
‘I tried to kill myself. I lost my mind before I was able to start my therapy.’ He hears many stories of ‘marriages all going by the board as men struggle to regain their health’.

Read the full article at the Daily Mail by clicking HERE.