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LadyCare“What’s the matter with you?”
“Nothing, I’m fine.”
How often have you asked your partner that question knowing they are not feeling well but they refuse to discuss it or seek help? It seems the problem gets worse as men age. Men over fifty are most unwilling to seek help for ageing difficulties and yet there is much out there to help with concerns such as erectile dysfunction, incontinence problems, prostrate concerns and other age-associated difficulties.

I recently had an enlightening conversation with Derek Raymond Price, inventor of LadyCare who told me he discovered there were many health problems that could be helped using static magnetic fields without adverse effects.
He originally designed a magnetic device (Pro-Health) to help a male colleague. His curiosity led him to investigate its potential for women and the result was LadyCare, a small discreet flat, egg-shaped magnet that is attached to underwear and assists hugely with menopausal symptoms–especially hot flushes.

Trials and testimonials are showing that an increasing number of women who use this device are reporting positive results. Recent trials have led to production of Ladycare Plus which will work on women who are suffering very high levels of stress.

While women worldwide have been embracing this invention and speaking about its benefits (Belinda Carlisle is a huge fan of LadyCare), men are far more reluctant to try out the male version of this device. They refuse to acknowledge its benefits and prefer to suffer in silence. This in turn can lead to greater concern and to depression. LadyCare offer male versions of these magnets but as Derek pointed out, it is mostly the women who purchase them for their partners and insist they are used. He has yet to convince men to use them.

Pro-Health has remarkable effects on combatting erectile dysfunctoin and rebalances the Automatic nervous system thus helping to reduce the need to urinate during the night.*

So, why are men reluctant to try out products like these? It all comes to an unwillingness to discuss health-related problems. There is a collective stubbornness about discussing or even revealing they have a problem especially when it is related to their sexual organs.

Nick O’Hara Smith runs the site and forum at http://www.androids.org.uk. He is also associate editor of http://www.acor.org/tcrc and spends most of his time supporting men for a testicular cancer charity checkemlads. He is concerned men are not looking after themselves sufficiently as they age. Nick feels men are ignoring symptoms at their peril and is concerned there is not enough press highlighting male menopausal symptoms, if indeed that is what we should call them. Checkemlads website reminds men to take charge of their bodies and feel for changes in their testicles. We women regularly check our breasts so men take note and check your bits!

One thing is clear, both men above agree that men go through a type of menopause or change and need at the very least be aware of symptoms they might suffer or assistance that is available to them. Women are starting to take charge of their symptoms and explore ways to help them get through natural changes, isn’t it time men did the same? We only get one body. We need to look after it as best we can.

Please share this post and see if we can get men to listen!