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MenopausesymptomsOne thing is for certain…the menopause can be a frightening time for many women (and dare I add for men too?) We shall experience changes to our bodies and some will suffer awful symptoms that we are unsure are even to do with this change. What do you do if you are suffering from uncomfortable pains in your breast or are feeling so low you want to leave everything and everyone you love behind and hide somewhere? You can (and indeed really ought to in the first instance) go to the doctor. You can talk to a friend or maybe even your own mother but often that is not possible for many ladies. My advice? Join a menopause support group. If there is not one local to you then go online.

One of the best groups I have discovered is Menopause Magazine on Facebook. It is a “closed” group only for women. You request to join and once you have been accepted you will breath a huge sigh of relief.

You are welcomed to the group and immediately learn how supportive the ladies there are. You have a question or an anxiety? Ask the women. Someone will have experienced similar problems and some may have solutions for you. Whatever you are going through, the sense of community and sisterhood is tremendous. Should you want to just let off steam, someone will be there to support or give you a virtual hug. Believe me…it helps.

In addition, the administrators are all passionate about assisting women and have provided fact sheets on many topics related to the menopause to help you. No more searching the internet for answers…just ask or check the fact sheets.

Obviously, no one in the group claims to be a doctor and many will cajole you to go to seek medical help if you are unsure of a problem but it is wonderful to have support and someone to speak to.

There are other groups on FB that offer similar assistance so have a look and see what suits you best.


Other advice comes from Pauline McCarthy. This lady is incrediby upbeat but also sympathetic about menopause symptoms and how it affects women. She not only performs a Pearls of Pauline show that has gone down a storm in the USA but has a menopause website and channel where you can watch videos on a range of topics. Take a look at Menopause Morph, sign up for a free eBook about self-esteem and chat to Pauline. She really is the sort of best friend you would want to confide in.


If you want an online personal chat then go onto A Vogel Health website and talk to Eileen at the Menopause Hub. She is passionate about helping women and is experienced in this area. You can have a live chat with her or sign up to the newsletter and get information or help as and when you need it.


Finally, if you are one of the gentlemen who visits here, pop along to mpathi.org run by Robert Johnson, a man who has learned and understand that this can be a tricky time for both women and men.

You don’t need to go through it alone.