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I had a friend who in her 50s who suddenly took to wearing scarves all the time. They looked beautiful – all multi-coloured and matching her outfits – but when she wore them throughout summer, it seemed peculiar. A few months ago, as I checked my reflection in the mirror, I smiled to myself. I had adopted a similar wardrobe. I now understood why she wore scarves. It was to hide the unsightly skin around her neck. It was time to take action if I did not want to walk about in 25 degrees swathed in scarves.

I’ll be honest about this. I don’t believe hype I read about beauty products especially creams that claim to make you look years younger. My beauty regime has consisted of little more than slapping a little Nivea on my face when I remember. However, I can’t ignore the evidence in front of me. The photos below have NOT been doctored. They were taken in my bathroom mirror at approximately the same time of day and are a true representation of how my neck looked before and after three months of using a product.


My neck before cream


My neck after treatment

I have to confess there is a remarkable difference. So, what I have I been doing? Well, let’s say that if you use any cream I’m sure you’ll notice an improvement. The skin in this area often gets overlooked and does not get the same lavish care you give your face. Skin changes as you age, like it or not.

A recent survey with over 900 women found ..
· 52% noticed a loss of elasticity in their skin during and after the menopause
· 47% noticed more lines and wrinkles on their face during and after the menopause
· 78% of women have changed their skincare regime since experiencing symptoms of the menopause
· 81% use more anti-ageing products compared to before the menopause.

Pay attention to it sooner rather than later.





I tested two products over the time:

Gretchen Asher’s UpLift Necollete Firming & Lifting Serum.

Nurture Replenish Collagen Boosting Serum.

I initially began this experiment with Gretchen Asher’s UpLift Necollete Firming & Lifting Serum
The packaging was a little basic (I note it has been changed since I received mine) and you need to pump the pump several times and several more, before you can extract any serum. The serum is gel-like and is easy to apply. My beef with it was the smell. It is a tad strong and Mr Grumpy didn’t ike the aroma either after I’d slapped it all over myself before I went to bed. That meant I could only use it in the morning and therein lies my second criticism…it’s a bit sticky even after rubbing it in. I also found it made my skin prickle after a while.

Okay, that said, I stuck with it and I would say after two weeks there was a definite improvement in my skin, especially around the décolleté area. However, I gave up after two weeks.


I left a gap of four weeks to let my skin return to its usual condition and tested a new product from Nurture – Nurture Replenish Collagen Boosting Serum available from Healthspan who offer a range of products for those going through menopause.  Healthspan state: “Phytoestrogens in the product mimic natural oestrogen so help replenish levels of oestrogen and collagen essential for the healthy and youthful appearance of skin.” I was interested to see if the product lived up to the claim.

Firstly, the packaging – this is a classy-looking product in gold and cream – was a hit with me. I like expensive-looking bottles and jars in my cabinet, even if they haven’t cost a fortune.

Next, the texture – it is silky-soft and creamy, smells wonderful and was instantly absorbed by my skin. Results were immediate as lines appeared instantly less visible. After two weeks of use, I was hooked. I now have the day and night cream as well as the serum and shall be further increasing my range of Nurture products.

This is a product you will definitely want in your cabinet. You only need to apply a large drop and gently rub it in to get excellent results. I was delighted with my results which you can see for yourselves in the photographs above.

VERDICT: 10/10

Whatever you choose, you do not need to pay a huge price and there are some good creams available. I recommend you start now and look after your neck area, that is unless you wish to be swathed in scarves all year!

BeFab UpLift Necollete Firming & Lifting Serum is available from Be Fab Skin Care

Nurture skin care products are available from Healthspan