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patient.jpgNow and again I get approached by other helpful website administrators who have stumbled across this site. Given we are all trying to help women and men through this stage of their lives I am happy to link to them if I think it’ll be of benefit to you.

You may like to visit patient.info who are a leading independent health platform that aims to provide trusted information for both patients and professionals internationally.

“Patient offers a huge bank of information about the menopause including potential complications, treatments and ways to deal with it. Their articles are all written by medical professionals so you can have faith in the information you find.

Patient also has a large forum covering many medical conditions including the menopause, which is an ideal community to provide and receive help and advice from real people, going through the same thing.”

I liked this website. It is easy to navigate, has some very useful information and i like dit especially for its menopause forum where I discovered women chatting about the menopause. Questions ranged from HRT and starflower oil to concerns about swallowing and stiff legs.

If you browse the forum you may well find answers to the questions you have or indeed find other ladies who are experiencing similar symptoms to you.

Patient.info also has leaflets about the menopause and other helpful bits and pieces. Type “menopause” into the search engine there and you’ll get a list of suggestions.

I hope you find what you are looking for.