grumpyoldmenopausevsmallA very warm welcome to the Grumpy Old Menopause website. Here you will find information and links to useful sites, humour and other bits and pieces that I came across too late to add to the Grumpy Old Menopause book. I’ll be updating the site whenever possible.

The eagle-eyed amongst you will have spotted that Grumpy Old Menopause looks different and has a brand new cover and indeed a new publisher – Delancey Press. This is the latest edition and will be available for sale in paperback from 16th May 2016 and in eBook format for Kindle, KOBO, iTunes on 19th May 2016.

I realise that every woman will have a different experience or different concerns going into and through menopause so my first piece of advice is to seek medical help and advice. This need not be a traumatic time for you and help in various guises is available for you.

There’s also a section for men who are suffering from ‘Irritable Male Syndrome’ and/or the ‘Male Menopause’ that you can access by clicking the tab above or HERE.

Please, make yourself at home, browse about, comment and feel free to use the contact form under Q for Questions to ask me anything that you might not want to share in public.

The original Grumpy Old Menopause featured on BBC Breakfast television.Carol Wyer BBC Breakfast

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