caroltwitter4While writing Grumpy Old Menopause I discovered some excellent websites, full of information, advice and interesting articles. My favourite has to be The Menopausal Goddess. Lynette Sheppard, owner of the site has managed to put together an outstanding array of posts and the entire blog is inviting.

I visit regularly now and always come away feeling heartened.

Lynette is also the author of Becoming a Menopausal Goddess, an excellent book that does what it says on the tin: “When you read this book you’ll feel like you’ve been talking to your girlfriends and they’ve been LISTENING!” 

Have a wander over to her site by clicking HERE and see what I mean.

I was absolutely thrilled when Lynette too part in my Grumpy Old Menopause virtual tour and reviewed my book. I waited with baited breath for her review to come out. What did she think? This was what she said:

Ladies, I (Lynette) had the chance to read this book and here’s my take: If Robin Williams were a woman chronicling the changes of Menopause, he’d be Carol Wyer. Screamingly funny, seemingly hypomanic, and ultimately upbeat, she casts her comedic eye on the Change from A to Z. Literally. If you are ready to laugh (or need to, like most Menopause Goddesses), you’ll enjoy this romp through the all the changes this transition brings. Her tongue in cheek ideas for recreating yourself might exhaust you if you try them all (it seems like she did). Pick and choose your favorites or just take it one alphabetical letter at a time. Laughter is indeed the best way to get through this time of life – that and a community of Menopause Goddesses.

You can read Lynette post and what she had to say about Grumpy Old Menopause by clicking HERE.

Since then, Grumpy Old Menopause has won a prestigious award – The People’s Book Prize Award and has a new publisher – Delancey Press – as well as a new cover. It’s been read by women all over the world and has helped many through this time of their lives.

I’m delighted at the response to it and hope it continues to help women combat some of the challenges they face.